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We're a proud licensed Labrador breeder.

Our Puppies can come home with you from the age of 8 weeks old. Well-socialised, our Pups have been born in a loving human family environment that includes other Pups and dogs. Now they're ready to explore, grow and start life with you.

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Food. Love.


Labradors are an especially active breed, so meals need to be planned. Always wanting to please, to train your Pup use positive reinforcement with treats and rewards. Your loving direction will curb unwanted exuberance

How to Train?

Set boundaries for your Lab early as they’re naturally high-energy and boisterous and won’t naturally outgrow this temperament till a year old or older

How to Walk?

Labs are a high-energy breed & so need to work off that energy to stay calm. Once they are over 6 months old, daily walks of around 30 minutes should be planned. Labs are also made for water so swimming is great too


Labs have webbed feet, a double layered almost waterproof coat, and big tail suited to water activities. If you’re close to water or the beach let them enjoy it, they’re made for it

How to Play?

Plan out inquisitive play for your Lab and you will continue you develop intelligence and keen instinct. Use colourful, noise-making and textured toys and see how your Lab reacts

How to Groom?

If your Lab gets dirty wash them down, use a dog-shampoo as necessary. Note, Labs have a double coat with the lower coat almost impervious to water


Your Lab should have their coat brushed once a week except during their twice a year malt when they should be brushed daily

How to Treat?

You can treat your Lab at any time. However if using treats for training, this treat will be consumed a lot. Best to choose a natural treat.

How to Feed?

As a larger breed Labs need plenty of food. Check the directions of your Vet or reputable dog food brand. A general feeding guide is: Puppies 4 times a day; Age 3-6 months 3 times a day; Age 6mths-older twice daily


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